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Green propolis undiluted solution “Choujyubachi” 30 ml ¥ 8500 Shipping free

✳️ What is propolis?

Honey bee produces "honey", “bee pollen", "royal jelly" and "propolis" that are also beneficial for human beings.

(Royal jelly is made in the body of young honey bee who ate pollen and honey.)

Among them, only Propolis is not made from flowers, but it is made by mixing the secretions of the bees with the plant's resin or sap.

Propolis is extracted from ethanol by humans. Propolis is approved as a pharmaceutical in Germany and Romania.


✳️Properties of propolis


1.Foundation of good health



While many supplements are used in hopes of supplementing nourishing tonic power and missing nutrition, propolis is used in hopes of enhancing immunity. Immunity is the strength and function originally inherent in the body trying to restore an injured or diseased body.

The natural healing power generally said means the immunity.


Therefore, I recommend it especially to those who expected the following effect.

· A person who has a serious health problem  and wishes to raise immunity and restore health.

· Those who are concerned about the recurrence of serious diseases.

· Those who are not sick but want to improve their numerical value by medical examination etc.

· Those who are not sick, but who are not good condition.

· A person who wishes to continue well health condition by increasing immunity.

· Those who are thought to adjust unbalance such as allergy reactions.

 (There is a research report that it is effective for atopy and hay fever.)

· Those who are thinking about prevention measure to sickness.

· Anti-influenza action

· Preventive effect of diabetes

· Helps antioxidant function (relieves oxidative stress by exercise)

2.To protect the bee's nest     

   Anti-virus / antibacterial power


We leave opening  the entrance of bee hive, honey bees collect propolis and attach there.


Harvesting the raw propolis mass.

A bee sticks propolis to the entrance, leaving a narrow hole, and going in and out. This will sterilize the virus attached to their bodies.


Can you see the ”Holes" where  bees come and go ?


In the hives where tens of thousands of honey bees densely live, the temperature and humidity are high, so if viruses and pathogens enter it, their survival will be threatened, so it is very dangerous for the bees.


For that reason, the wisdom that the Honeybee learned over a long history is to protect the nest by  gathering propolis at the entrance  of the nest ,sterilize viruses and pathogens.

What about the apply this to human beings? Especially in crowds, viruses and pathogens prevailing in the atmosphere enter the body from the nose and mouth and adhere to the nod. You can protect yourself from harmful viruses and pathogens for humans by pouring propolis stock solution in the throat.

As there are voices that the smell and taste are strong, recently propolis has been added to tablets as well as other supplements, but in order not to waste this important work also expensive propolis , it is recommended to throat with undiluted solution. (In order to make it a tablet, since it is used in combination with other ingredients, the undiluted solution of propolis used for practical use will be small, and the processing cost will be added for that price.)

If you feel hesitant  to the odor and taste of propolis, you can dilute and drink with the amount of water together. Intense taste will be the fresh taste by diluting.

And gradually get used to it.

Especially when you go into the crowd at such a time that colds, flu, etc. , we recommend that you propose Propolis through throat beforehand, expecting this antiviral property.


3.Natural antibiotics

An option other than "chemotherapy"


<Antibiotics may be given as a preventive measure (prophylactic) and this is usually limited to at-risk populations such as those with a weakened immune system (particularly in HIV cases to prevent pneumonia), those taking immunosuppressive drugs, cancer patients and those having surgery > (wikipedia )


In recent years, people who are making a choice of "other than chemotherapy" from the viewpoint of avoiding the side effects of chemicals and chemotherapy are increasing. Propolis is also called "natural antibiotic".


Why green propolis?


✳️Reasons I recommend with confidence



1. Origin plant "Alecrim"


 Why is Green Propolis from State of Minas Gerais in Brazil the best in the world?

Because it is the propolis that is made  from the medicinal plant (herb) "Alecrim" which exist  only in State of Minas Gerais, Brazil.


The Alecrim. 

It is a plant called "wild rosemary" that breeds in sterile  and oxidized land in Minas Gerais. It is used as a material to make "broom" until it is known to the world through propolis in recent years, and what is growing in the wild is called "small broom.  The scientific name is Baceharis dracun Culifolia and belongs to the family of Asteraceae, which is a member of chamomile and sunflower.

There are male trees and female trees. The male flower opens and the female flower closes like a wineglass. Male flowers resemble chamomile, a plant of a different line from rosemary.


Green propolis of origin plant, which is also referred to as "wild Rose Marie,"  “Alecrim”


The greatest feature of Green Propolis containing secretions of Alecrim and African Honey bee is that it contains a large amount of "Altepyrin C" ingredient, which has strong resistance to tumor cells.

"Artepillin C" is a cinnamic acid derivatives, and the following action has been confirmed.

Antimicrobial · anti-MRSA (resistant Staphylococcus aureus) · Anticancer · Antitumor effect etc.

Propolis from European and Chinese where many of the origin plants are poplar contains flavonoid as the main ingredient.

On the other hand, Brazilian propolis originating from the family Asteraceae Baccaris (Baccharis dracunculifolia) contains cinnamic acid derivatives such as artepillin C and flavonoids. There is also an analysis result report that Brazilian propolis has about 7500 times the amount of artepillin C (cinnamic acid derivatives), about 2500 times the amount of bacarin (cinnamic acid derivatives), about 25 times the amount of 6-methoxykaferide (flavonoid). 


Harvested green propolis original mass and Alecrim


✳️African honey bee

African honey bees are used in beekeeping in the State of Minas Gerais where Alecrim propagates . Italian species commonly used in beekeeping are absorbed immediately in African species in Brazil.

Very ferocious African bees.

Although it looks like an ordinary bee, it attacks enemies collectively with an aggressive character.

It is also known  as "Killer Bee".


Since the African species are very ferocious, they work with protective clothing that covers the whole body.

They harvest the Green Propolis mass that the Bees collects, twice a year in this way.


2. strict selection

"Natural products" are not uniform, unlike "industrial products".

Let's consider coffee beans as an example.

Coffee beans harvested at the same coffee plantation will also be carefully "screened" from "special grade" to "low grade" over time.

This is a very important process.  it is ruined if there is something of "lower" in the bag of coffee indicated as "special class”.

In Api Terao Brazil  which is a pioneer in the propolis industry and has 30 years' experience and trust, is conducting strict screening and quality control of  green propolis bulk masses in finely severe of unique Japanese way.

It is very important to consider that where the product is harvested, who and how is made, when you chose good quality of natural product from many types.


The left is a propolis bulk mass of "special grade" with high content of Alecrim.

The right one is also green propolis, but it is lower than the one on the left.


This is also propolis, but it is not green propolis.


The harvested propolis is strictly sorted and ranked, and it is given a different price.


3. Quality management


Green Propolis “Choujyubachi (Longevity Bee)” that I sell is  manufactured and managed at a long-established propolis company in Api Terao Brazil found 1983,  a pioneer in the Japanese propolis industry.

Carefully selected green propolis bulk mass are stored frozen at the manufacturing site, extracted with vegetable ethanol over 10 years, bottled, labeled,

, being inspected by qualified inspectors and it will be sold as Green Propolis Extract.

Api Terao Brazil define as good quality as one made from high content of Alecrim with long time extracted.


Api Terao Brazil  pickup site in Minas Gerais state, Brazil.  


The carefully selected green propolis bulk mass is kept in a frozen storage state.


Save at about minus15 ° C


Extracted with ethanol, aged for 10 years.


Filling carefully one by one


A qualified inspector Mr.Marcos checks the quality.


Aerial photograph of Brazil Terao beekeeping


How is that?

I think that you understand why I recommend it with strong confidence.


✳️Efficacy and efficacy of propolis

 Feature of propolis is used in the hope the effect of improving immunity (the natural healing power).

However, under the regulation of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, we can not sell it by advertising  effects.

For that reason, we recommend you to investigate well on your own.

The more you examine it, the more you know the case.

Many books on propolis have been published. A lot of specific examples of publications are given.



↑a link of Amazon books.



✳️On side effects and recovery reaction

Propolis of good quality is said to have no side effects.

Green Propolis “Choujyubachi (Longevity Bee)” is proud of the highest quality so please be relieved.

However, when you start drinking for a while, "itching", "eczema", "rash" etc may appear temporarily. 

Changes may occur in the body and bad symptoms may manifest temporarily before being improved.

This is called “recovery reaction”.

If symptoms like the above occur, please reduce the drinking amount or temporarily stop drinking and observe the state, then please start drinking again from a small amount once the reaction has stopped.

Please consult with your  doctor if you are  worried.