How to take and the dosage of green propolis .           (How to concern about the price with the dosage.)


In selling the top-ranking Green Propolis “Choujyubachi (Longevity Bee)” of Api Terao Brazil  ,  president Terao himself  sets to 30 ml / ¥ 8500 with the feeling "to spread to many people who need green propolis" .

It is very affordable price as a green propolis of this quality.


✳️ Basic amount

Since propolis is not a drug, there is no fixed quantity. Let's consider it from the state and price side.

Propolis is absorbed in the body in ten and some hours, so we recommend that you use it twice in the morning and the evening in order to get active in the body 24 hours.

Green Propolis Choujyubachi comes in 30 ml, so if you drink 1 ml (1 dropper for  60 drops / half of this 0.5 ml × 2 times) one day it will be one bottle in 30 days.

(There is a dropper under the lid. )


about 0.5ml   If you drink twice a day it will be about 1bottle in a month.


If you expect prevention measure to sickness, I recommend you to drink  about a half of the basic amount above , 1cm to 1.5 cm twice daily, it will be 1 bottle in 2 months. (It is the amount of I take.)


about 0.25ml  If you drink twice a day it will be about 1bottle in two month.


✳️Basic way of drinking

Put water (the amount of your choice) in a container, and drop an appropriate amount there and drink.

A chemical reaction takes place as soon as it is dropped on the water, the water turns cloudy, and the film can be formed as “resin” on the surface of the water.

I recommend to prepare a special container that can be disposable, such as a small yoghurt cup because  this resin adheres to the container and it is hard to take off.

You can store water directly in your mouth and hang it there as you get used to it. 

Some people drop on and drink with honey , yogurt or etc.

Put water in a disposable container.


Drop the propolis


The water turns to cloudy by a chemical reaction of propolis.


✳️When carrying with PET bottle

It is convenient to use of mixing propolis  with PET bottle water especially when enter the crowd or suddenly feel something wrong with your throat.

Because the amount of water is large, propolis is diluted so that there is no bitterness and you can enjoy a refreshing scent of green.

You can also drink a bottle of PET one day by putting an appropriate amount.

President Terao of Api Terao Brazil carries such bottle all the time.



✳️One in a family as a stationary item

Not take regularly but for the case of  not feeling well or  a prevention of a cold or influenza infection when you enter crowds.


Some people are always reserved at home as first aid items for use when injured. It is used in such way by many families in Brazil.


When bleeding, you can put instantly in response to blood, and the film cover up the injury.

Recovery of tissue with antiviral activity and immunity can be expected.


In my experience, I had cut my leg at the rocky place while swimming in the sea (it did not hurt, but my blood did not stop).

On the way home, bleeding did not stop even while traveling for a long time, but as soon as I got home and drooled propolis, the membrane stretched instantly and bleeding stopped immediately.